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Improving Quality, Communication & Accountability through Technology

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Save Time, Improve Communication and Reduce Cost by hiring a Cleaning Company with the right Management Software!

There are a lot of great cleaning companies out there! A lot of great companies with great staffs and great cleaners. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. Everyone looks the same way and says the same things. Most companies have great intentions and really do try to measure up to their promises, but the difference in why some of these companies succeed and some don’t is the way they’re managed.

Good Management and clear communication are the keystones to any successful business. We believe in this whole heartedly which is why we've partnered with Swept Technologies in order to provide our customers with the most technologically advanced janitorial software on the market. This technology allows managers, cleaners and clients to be empowered and take proactive approaches on keeping your facility clean!


Inspections The ability to conduct custom inspection reports in minutes from a mobile device Scheduling & Time Tracking A clock-in and clock-out feature for employees using the mobile app, SMS or IVR (Landline) application Cleaning Instructions Detailed instructions on what needs to be done & reminders about intermittent tasks (with pictures) Direct Messaging Stay connected with us in real time ( translations for over 100 languages through app)

Problem Reporting The ability for our cleaners to report problems so our managers know exactly where to spend their time

Supply Tracking A simple way to request the supplies needed at your facility

Impact on the Client

Relax knowing that you have a responsive cleaning team all on the same page about your facility and its cleaning needs. Client messaging allows managers and customers to communicate in one place. Receive notifications as new text and photo messages are posted, allowing you to react quickly. Messages can be marked as urgent to draw additional attention.

Impact on the Cleaner

When cleaners feel supported and informed about the job they're doing they're more confident and comfortable with their job. This translates directly into the quality of work. We believe in taking care of our cleaning staff, giving them everything they need to be successful so that they can take care of you. Our management app allows us to provide better communication and better support to put our cleaners at ease and in the know!

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