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3 Reasons You'll love our Service

Occupant Welness

Image Enhancement

aSSET Preservation

One of the many benefits of a clean facility is the reduction of harmful contaminants like dust, dirt and bacteria, a clean and hygienic facility not only gives people a visual comfort level but also reduces potential risk that are associated with these contaminants. There is a direct link that connects the lack of quality cleaning to the spread of illnesses which can manifest itself in several things like absenteeism,  staff taking off because they are sick.  By having a quality cleaning program in place, this number could be reduced drastically and ultimately increase companies bottom line.

According to multiple studies, customers value cleanliness more than any other factors when deciding to to do business with an establishment. A poor image will cost businesses a direct revenue. Unkept buildings can also create risk such as slips and falls, leading to higher insurance and legal cost. Consumers have many choices. When given the choice, consumers would rather do business with companies that are dedicated to a positive image and a clean facility.

 Buildings are financial assets that impact companies balance sheets, making it worthwhile to preserve their value and reduce added maintenance or refurbishment cost. It is cheaper to maintain your assets than it is to replace them. Your carpet, furniture and flooring will last longer when it is regularly maintained. You’ll avoid the cost, downtime and inconvenience of replacement. A clean environment will keep your employees happier, healthier, and cause your clients to feel better about your business 

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